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Resources for Potential Crafters :D

There's nothing to gain by refusing to tell others what materials create your artwork. Every artist has their own unique style that none can truly replicate, anyway, whether they want to or not. I don't like to label people as competition; instead, I want to be open about what I know and grow alongside my fellow artisan crafters in our creative endeavors. We should all be in this artistic community together!

With that in mind, here are links to all of my favorite materials ^^ I'll try to do tutorials when I can, too. Happy crafting!


:bulletblue: MEDIUM: Fimo Clay, Soft (found at almost any craft store/online). Also, occasionally Fimo Effects is used for any glittery/transparent colors

:bulletblue: LIQUID CLAY: Translucent Liquid Sculpey is great to use for attaching thin limbs/parts (such as tails, other hair, anything dangly, etc.) put some on the end of the limb/part before attaching it and it'll be like cement once it's baked. Good for keeping them from breaking off your charm! can be found at crafts stores/online also. On another note, use Liquid Fimo if you're making jelly or other colored liquid for fake food (it's more transparent)

:bulletblue: TOOLS: (for refining those tiny sculpting details) I have lots of them :B They all came in a package. THIS… was a pretty sweet deal.

:bulletblue: THE MAGICAL EYE-PAINTING BRUSH:… (this is the one I use for all anime-ish eyes and little details) You'll see a cheaper one at Hobby Lobby, but I've found that this particular model has a better and more consistent quality.

:bulletblue: PAINT: Acrylic (again, found at most craft stores. or Wal-Mart lol) Be sure to thin it with water before painting details and rinse the brush often for smooth texture.

:bulletblue: GLOSS: My painted details on figurines are protected beneath the practically indestructible, waterproof Ice Resin. Can usually be found as two tubes with a connected double-dispenser at your local craft store. (Hobby Lobby for me :D)

:bulletblue: METAL LOOPS AND GADGETS: Screw eyes and tiny split rings (around 4mm diameter) can be found at craft stores, as well as jewelry wire. I order mine in stainless steel from ebay for a better deal, though :B Ya might want to use a small pair of pliers to get the tiny split rings on; they're so small it's almost impossible by hand. You can choose to twist the jewelry wire into a loop and stick it into the clay (the key rings need something to hook onto!), but I prefer to stick in screw eyes.

:bulletblue: CHARM STRAPS: search "cell phone lariat" on eBay. You'll have many options :D These are sold at craft stores too, though imo in much less quantity and quality ^^"

:bulletblue: MINIATURE BOTTLES: Those tiny glass bottles are also all on eBay. Search "miniature glass bottles"...simple enough haha. Their corks don't usually come with a loop to attach a keychain to, though, so you'll probably have to order screw eyes along with them.

:bulletblue: SNOWGLOBES/SNOWDOMES: They've got everything you need! These are pretty much the best quality ones that won't make you broke (trust me I've looked everywhere :crazy:) Proper glue to go along with these is a must, too…

:bulletblue: SHADOW BOXES: I've yet to see finer craftsmanship of shadowboxes! They come in all shapes and sizes here and are acrylic with stainless steel frames, so they're quite keychain-suitable :D


"Remember: artists have no jealously guarded professional secrets. How often have I heard students say, 'If I could just watch that man work, I'm sure I could get ahead!' Getting ahead does not happen that way. The only mystery, if such it may be called, is the personal interpretation of the individual artist. He himself probably does not know his own 'secret.' Fundamentals you must master, but you can never do so by watching another man paint. You have to reason them out for yourself."

- Andrew Loomis





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Ice Resin.

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 18, 2013, 9:14 PM

I feel like I should just write out my revelation in case any other polymer clay-fanatic stumbles across this. 

So, as a lot of you know, I use a varnish to glaze all my projects called Varathane (polyurethane, water-based, etc. etc.) It totally beats the 'clay glazes' they sell out there, because it was meant for wood and sometimes furniture and stuff. It's very resilient and protects paint very well. 

However... I've finally come to realize that Ice Resin is what it'll have to be now. (Jewelers grade.) Varathane Varnish can stain. It may accumulate dust if you're not careful (you can clean it off, but that's still annoying), and it can lose its shine over time if exposed to a lot of friction. It's the greatest glaze I know, but it still has its imperfections.

But now I see it: Ice Resin is...perfect. It's that which protects the figurines that go into my snowglobe, designed to defy water for all eternity. It's what you just  *won't* scratch naturally. Because it's literally like a  layer of insanely hard, crystal clear plastic you're putting on your clay. It can make a little strand of clay hair, or maybe a dangling scarf, suddenly unbreakable. SO. It'll be more expensive, but I'm happy to tell you that from now on, I will be glazing all of my projects with Ice Resin. Some reviews about it have been negative I noticed, but that's because 1) Mixing it correctly is very easy to miss and 2) Some people don't like the container's design. For me personally, though, it works like no other.  It's smoother than my varnish will ever be, only takes one coat to be thicker and more protective than my varnish will ever be, and will not ever cause dirt/dust to "stick" to it.  Just like any natural plastic. The way keychains should be!

Just a ramble I wanted to share as I work on my latest snowglobe piece (with Ice Resin) :D I figured that if this project gets such great stuff for coating, heck, why not just apply it to all my charms? Here's to higher quality commissions for everyone!

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The Late One
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I love making a variety of crafts, though clay miniatures seem to be the focus right now. I do plan on keeping in touch with my long-time origami and crocheting obsessions, though ^^

My idols of fiction are Vivi from Final Fantasy IX, Zero from the Megaman X series, and Avatar Aang.
And the Dai Li from Avatar: The Last Airbender are cool. VERY cool. :giggle:

Expect all kinds of random work from me. I dabble in any type of art I find interesting, and I'm a part of manyyyy many fandoms x)
On that note, I do write for fun too :B Whether it's good or not is a different story!


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